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Law Practice Areas in Placerville, California

If you find yourself involved in legal matters of an emotional nature such as child custody, prenuptial agreements, adoption or restraining orders, we are here to put your mind at ease and help you understand the process and how our services can benefit you. We know that these issues can put you through emotional turmoil not knowing how the case will turn out, but we can assure you that we will do our very best to make things work out in your favor.
Our legal team has the experience and skills necessary to address a large range of legal matters for our clientele in a compassionate, effective way. We value your time, so we provide a variety of online articles in our blog section to help you get acquainted with our practice before speaking to a qualified attorney about your specific case. This can help you grasp the range of our legal practice and give you a feel for what we can do for you.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Our comprehensive services are designed to help you move through this difficult process as smoothly as possible. Contact our friendly service representatives to learn more about how our practice areas can address your specific problems. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our areas of practice, which include: 
Find additional information about these areas of practice by clicking on each specific page. We are always improving our website in order to provide you with the services you need and the quality you deserve. Whether you are dealing with a complex real estate transaction or trying to decide which bankruptcy chapter is appropriate, our team of dedicated professionals can help you.

Consultation Services

Our consultation services help you understand the prospects of prevailing in a court of law. Navigating complex legal issues can seem overwhelming, so we provide you with the information necessary to understand the process. This applies to all types of real estate transactions, bankruptcy chapters, litigation involving trial lawyers and the process of obtaining a conservatorship.
Anytime you face the prospects of litigation is a good time to contact our offices. The legal system is time-consuming to navigate without professional assistance, so contact us as soon as possible at 530-621-4170. We want to lighten your load in any way we can.
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