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Litigation Law Services in Placerville, California

Our society today is becoming more and more inclined towards litigation instigation. Being an experienced firm, we have an excellent reputation of helping our clients achieve favorable outcomes in the litigation process. When you choose us, we will be active listeners as you explain your case and will also give you objective advice.

Litigation Services

Our goal is to determine the right strategy for the kind of litigation you become involved in. We can represent you in a number of different situations and never shrink at a challenge.

Plaintiff Attorney

Have you been harmed physically or financially through no fault of your own? If the carelessness of another individual or organization has left you in an unfavorable situation, we will seek justice on your behalf and hold the individual or organization financially responsible for the harm they have caused. As plaintiff attorneys, we will fight for your rights against insurance companies, government organizations, hospitals or corporations.

Personal Injury Attorney

Have you have been personally injured by another? If so, you are entitled to a fair settlement. Litigation can be a powerful tool for resolving issues of personal injury. Before proceeding, we will make sure you have sufficient evidence and witnesses to win the trial over the defendant. In court, we are dedicated to quickly reaching a verdict in your favor to help you obtain the money for the treatment of your injury.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes happen whenever a party involved in a contract disagrees on the contract terms or definitions. There must be a mutual understanding and agreement between the two parties for the contract to be valid. Oftentimes, contracts may involve complex legal concepts that need to be ironed out by a trained lawyer. Brad Clark, Attorney at Law will work to mediate during contract negotiations and prevent further legal disputes.

ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) grants equal opportunity to those with disabilities by requiring that all electronic information and online technology must be accessible to people with disabilities, including computer hardware program software and documentation. This was enacted by the U.S. Department of Justice in September 2010 to protect Americans with disabilities from discrimination by employers with 15 or more employees, public businesses and local government agencies.
If you or someone you love has been discriminated against through violation of the ADA, we can ensure justice by taking action against the responsible party until they agree to comply.

Defense Attorney

Have you recently found yourself or your company wrongly charged with criminal activity? A defense attorney can represent you in a lawsuit or criminal prosecution. We have a thorough understanding of the United States Constitution to protect you against unlawful searches and other violations of privacy while helping you understand your other rights that will keep you from being sentenced or becoming a witness against yourself.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can involve any disagreement between homeowners and neighbors, landlords or mortgage lenders regarding ownership, foreclosure, property damage, property boundaries and so on. We have a wealth of experience in real estate-related disputes and can navigate you through the process quickly, should you choose us to represent you. Our help will be indispensable in dealing with state laws and associated terminology.

Estate Disputes

Estate disputes can be messy due to their deeply personal, familial nature. If disputes arise among members of your family regarding wills, trusts, property or business inheritance, allow our firm to work with you. As an estate litigation lawyer, we can represent the estate itself or beneficiaries in the event of a contested will, trust or allegations of wrongdoing. Our lawyers can also work with families, should guardianship be contested.
Our professional litigators can navigate the complex legal system to save you time, effort and money. Give us a call today at 530-621-4170 with any questions about the litigation process or how we can help you settle your legal matters.