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Conservatorship in Placerville, California

Conservators are individuals with court-ordered authority and responsibility to manage the affairs of a family member who can no longer make their own financial decisions. In most cases, this type of guardianship is granted on behalf of people who are suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease or are afflicted by other serious illnesses or incapacitating injuries. Conservatorships are time-consuming and quite expensive—they frequently call for court hearings and assistance from an attorney.

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Brad Clark, Attorney at Law, is here to make the process go smoothly. Our legal assistance is very useful in the case of conservatorship, since laws vary from one state to another and can be legally complex.
The conservatorship petition process generally follows a predictable formula, and this includes several steps which must be followed correctly in order to succeed in having the petition for conservatorship granted.
The steps generally include making a formal request from a probate court, providing the documentation necessary to support the petition and attending a court hearing after administrators have time to review the request.

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The process of obtaining a conservatorship can be time-consuming, so it is important to plan ahead. Contact our offices in advance at 530-621-4170 so that we can keep your case on track. We will act fast to get you and those you love all the help you need.