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Bankruptcy Law in Placerville, California

Filing for bankruptcy is a nerve-wracking time for those who go through it. Not knowing whether or not you’ll end up keeping your property is an unsettling thought that you don’t deserve to experience. Brad Clark, Attorney at Law, is here to help you understand your options and get you back on your feet financially without delay.

How We Can Help

Because there are so many options for debt relief, we want you to know that there is life after bankruptcy. Our team will stand by you and aggressively fight for you and your family, helping you come up with a plan to repay your debts in a way that works best for you without throwing you into financial ruin. We are dedicated to helping you build up your financial life again from the ground up.

Specializing in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy protections apply to individuals and businesses alike. Filing a bankruptcy petition for a business requires a different set of procedures than the ones used by individuals. In addition to liquidation, restructuring is also possible under the bankruptcy code. Our legal professionals can review your situation to determine which bankruptcy chapter applies to your situation.
It may be tempting to file bankruptcy without legal assistance, which is admittedly an option available to you. However, we highly discourage this as most people are likely to overlook important legal points if substantial amounts of property are involved.
The range of bankruptcy law is large, and it can be complicated by the types of property involved. Bankruptcy law involves multiple chapters, which deal with the specific properties, entities and other variables. Each chapter is written to address a specific type of situation, so it is important to allow us to help you navigate the nuances of bankruptcy law.
For the best possible outcome, you should seek the services of a qualified attorney from our firm who can counsel you on the best solution for your unique situation. Give us a call today at 530-621-4170 with any questions regarding bankruptcy and the bankruptcy services we offer. We want to free you from your debts and give you a second chance.